post-production begins in pre-prodution

Our post-production philosophy is based on efficient oragnisation . We start at the early stages of the development of a project and continue with the workflow design that will follow throughout the production stages. This way we can guarantee the best image quality and the best collaboration between the different departments.
Our studio can provide all post production services needed for short films, feauture films, documentaries and TV and web content.


Analysis of equipment and image acquisition settings
Workflow design for the digital files since pre-production stage


Offline proxy media creation wit LUT appliance
File naming conventions


Editing (Final cut X, Avid)

Animation & Composition

Title Design
Motion Graphics

Color Grading & VFX

Our color suit is based on Davinci Resolve Studio, supporting realtime color correction with calibrated monitor (Flanders Scientific)
Online/Conforming from Avid, Final Cut, Premiere

Mastering for broadcast and web formats

DCP Authoring ( Easydcp creator+, Easydcp player+, KDM)
Encrypted or Unencrypted
CRU disk prepartation
Quality check and viewing of the deliverable DCP on 50” Plasma monitor (3D LUT calibrated)
We can arrange technical screening in cinema theater
Vimeo links, online file delivery and storage

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